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Overall rating
85 / 100
As Coder
98 / 100
As Artist
73 / 100
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intro #552AheadCrack Intro #01100 / 100 SIDMp360+

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
26 September, 2021
Scrolltext #1
tri olo di !! again the cool yodeling guys from the austrian alps are here with another fine game! thud ridge is imported by softvirus (swiss hq) and pal-fixed by the slayer ! the lazer copyparty was absolutely lame ! the edge proved again that he's unableto make a 100% party ! softcell/lazer suggested to make a copy-party in st.poelten with ahead next year in may ! i'll inform u fast enough ! today it's last daythen i make a break till the 13.december coz i've 2 learn for school ! jacky will swap with all my contactz and zorlac will crack everything ! agaric will also make a break and so ahead will drop down a bit ! fuckinx to a lamer called glasnost
Scrolltext #2
greez only to the best like ikari+talent, dynamix, crazy, blasters, gp, f4cg, dominators, rti, dcs, alphaflight, illusion, htl, legend, contex, light, lazer, quality + fbicrew, x-factor, browbeat and at last nec
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