Mosquito credits summary

Overall rating
68 / 100
As Coder
80 / 100
As Artist
56 / 100
artwork (1)
code (1)


intro #545Slaves of KeyboardCrack Intro #0278 / 100 SIDMp360+

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
08 August, 2021
Scrolltext #1
greets to: adroit,antimon,as w,b-trax/mystery,bb,beyond force,chaos+bct,cfa,cosmos,crest,cross,cryptic t,ddt,flt,flame,flash,gamma s,g+p,hz,htl,ice,ils,lazer,level 11,light,logic,megahawk,m. winterberg,mocean,nato,panorama,paragon,passion,phoenix,powers of pain,sex-exp,shape,studio3,taste o.t,tdj,trc,the star,trans-x,triad,warning,warrant,wot,x-ample,x-rated,zone 45.
Scrolltext #2
from the deepest abyss of hell from eternal darkness and pain we are coming to stay slaves of keyboard the power of chain!!! yeah!! this really bad and old game is 'legend of kage' cracked by storm of extend!!! well nothing worth even an intro but as far as i have nothing better to do i decided to link it. kruger signing off... c u !!
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