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intro #007Eagle Soft IncorporatedCrack intro #0189 / 100 SIDMp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
03 August, 2017
Scrolltext #1
*** mini putt *** cracked by eagle soft incorporated on september 9th, 1987... again, soho comes through with original! greetings to nepa, the alliance, triad, tti, nick danger, fbr, rad, tsi, cfr, hotline, fairlight(tony), and soho! guess what adam the axe, yes.. i guess your hot cracker is working on this right now, hu? esi will always be 1 step ahead... infact everyone is 1 step ahead usspe (losers!) hey lead eagle, oops rusty eagle ...ah thats it! yea!!! what a joke!! its a shame to see such a awesome group like usspe go down...they give us so many new wares! - and yes terry, the bottom line is wares( i hate to say it)... people just scratch your "demos". if the europeans could see you now,those hot demos, a picture and a scroll(ooooohhhhh neat'o!) but they don't scratch games! theres's plenty to say...but not here! i'll have rush's new album i hope today...i just got pink floyd's (not bad!) well later all! esi #1/rush #1/soho #1
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