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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
29 May, 2018
It seems like you're using a device featuring a screen refresh rate > 60 Hz. This is an old intro that might run too fast on your display. I'm working on it, but fixing ~ 300 old intros takes some time. Please apologize for that.
Scrolltext #1
little crack... great group: twg!! new charts of greetings: mzp, tls, popeye, detonator, fac, coco/ace, elric/triad, cfr, art/scoop, no fucking lamers, madsquare, terrorist/twgi, usspe, tfo, fcs, beastie boys, light force, micro mix, last science, striker/fbr, papillons, xakk, tst, piratebuster, f4cg, c64cg, 2000 a.d. and hca.. hero of the time: orac (tls) for some little sounds from red !! contact: plk 041985 c / 5000 cologne 71 / w.germany or plk 041933 c / 5000 cologne 60 / w.germany or call 0221/700xxxx (also west germany) ! get ready ! go ....
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