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328FantasyCrack Intro #02

80 / 100 SIDMp300
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
21 March, 2019
It seems like you're using a device featuring a screen refresh rate > 60 Hz. This is an old intro that might run too fast on your display. I'm working on it, but fixing ~ 300 old intros takes some time. Please apologize for that.
Scrolltext #1
all coding made by kickback imported on 12-5-90!! american greets go to : nec .. tsm .. inc intense .. excalibur ...................... european greets go to : action .. dcs .. rti dom .. f4cg .. fairlight illusion .. ikari + talent if you were'nt greeted, its probably because you didn't greet us!! mantronix gone!!
Scrolltext #2
could it be? but how? yes its us! and we are back to bring you the first fantasy ware of the new decade! target ++ cracked, level packed, and trained by 'action!' imported by fantasy on 1/5/90! .... get all the latest from 'the' greatest at warez castle - 718/326-2214! and the fantasy vmb for the latest news on releases! 615/664-1936! >>greets below!<< mantronix/fantasy gone!
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