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intro #236New EditionCrack Intro #0176 / 100 SIDMp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
28 June, 2018
Scrolltext #1
dis scrolla is (p)reserved for da greedinx !!! my personal ones go like diz: 1.ikari 2. f4cg 3. drive 4. wwe 5. bros 6. dominators 7. weird sceince 8.light formula crew 10.lazer normal ones to: fireeagle, mad monks, mantronix, martial artist, nato, noise, red sector, riffs, science 451, shining 8 (??), sphinx, tau, tcs, unitrax, warriors of time, zap random ordered ones to: 711, abnormal, access, argus, albion, beastie boys, byterapers, crypt, cosmos, fanatic, hardcorps, hellcats, jean 2399/fbi (thanx 4 logo!!), killermutant, lazer, level 99, lightforce, madonna cracking group, martial artist, micromix, public enemy, powerrun, radwar, rawhead, scouts, shield, spy, swat, squadron, tsr, tfo, wanderer group, xades society, zargon and zenobits also greetings to our new contact in legend (hi goldfish !!)
Scrolltext #2
caveman preview was brought to you by tom of new edition on 30/12/1988 !!! special thanxxx to jon for the supply !!! wait for the o.k. version which will be released first by new edition in 1989 !!! special greetinx to all which where on theeini-conference yesterday evening leaded by damien of zap !!! (hi mr.goldfish of legend... and also hi to anthrax,that girl with the nice voice and to the guy from california !!)....
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