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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
25 September, 2018
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..can't walk out of my house because they're in my face. and if i step outta place they wanna give me a case. ain't no difference between society and a jailhouse : every body's locked up and wanna get the hellout. today chromance brings you an american game entitled 'grumpy bumper pinball' from loadstar. the original was provided as his debut cast by zeyex, while one-filing and shortening was done by jaydee. call the chromance boards namely, 'bass planet' 609.587.4495, 'final genocide' 403.476.1766 and 'overdose' +48-12-114632. mad props to... (usa) demonix, empire, 9th hell, ultimate hacker (europe) avantgarde , f4cg, alpha flight, onslaught, hitmen, trc+scs, hardcore, motiv8, atlantis, excess+acrise, fairlight, mayhem and the rest we may have forgotten in this rush! stay tuned for more... +++no fucken' carrier
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