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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
13 February, 2022
Scrolltext #1
darkness has gone because.......... the lightforce is back on c64 after a loooong break of more than half a year, because of police activity and some personal problems, moc and jaf of the lightforce are back on the good old c64!!! and we're very proud to present you the game who framed roger rabbit on this machine!!!! and, you'll never guess it, the driving part is better than the amiga version, for it's smoother!! so you can better recognize the extras, hanging at the buildings along the road!!! you'll get 'em by jumping at them with your car! for more details read the short instructions somewhere on this disk!!!
Scrolltext #2
yeeeaaaahhh! we're back!!! finally, after half a year, we're here again to show you what a cool trainer looks like!!! but only cheating is not good enough we thought, so here's also a onesided version of this lovely game! we could have made it shorter, but i don't want to spend too much time on it.the crunching has taken really much time, so we're not very fast with this release but we are sure that it works 100% that's why our releases always take a little longer than others..... we test 'em before we spread 'em so if you are impressed of this release and you've not the knowledge or the time to make such a great trainer, than contact us.do it also if you have fastest originals!! hey man, try out the arrow left key in menu!!
Scrolltext #3
we've no greetings list this time for we've made such a long break, but some very special greetings must fly to bros ,for getting in touch with us again, to science 451 for the same reason (you'll be in my mind forever!!) thanks a lot also goes to dominators, xades, c64cg, triad, wanderer group, and all who've send hot stuff although they've received nothing from us. thanx to all of you, keeping up the friendship !!!! i'm so sorry that i didn't drop you a note why i've stopped sending, but better to stay quiet for a while then to be catched by the fu**ing police!!! (it's really frightening how much cool guys are popped up by the police in this times) buy!
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