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Genesis Project(1)

279Genesis Project + Fire EagleCrack intro #01

"Frankieghost Intro"
81 / 100 SIDMp300
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
09 October, 2018
It seems like you're using a device featuring a screen refresh rate > 60 Hz. This is an old intro that might run too fast on your display. I'm working on it, but fixing ~ 300 old intros takes some time. Please apologize for that.
Scrolltext #1
another mercyfull release from genesis and fire eagle ! 'hangman' from electronica artschica. best communistic game in 1989 ! translated from russian into english by gp and fe. the great music was written by our music-genius 'amadeus mozart' about 200 years ago. (or something like that... i've never been good at history, you know...) you may spread this very, very good game at your own risk ! but, don't blame us if your contacts won't swap with you anymore ! the original was exported from russia and supplied to us by our exclusive modem-trader 'gorbatchow' ! (nice talking to you on the phone, gorbi ! greet bush from me !) greetings to all our contacts in europe, overseas (usa) and overcontinenntal (ussr). special 'hip-e-hop-e-gorbatchow' to: xandorwitch (hi, robertowich !)...new formular crewowitch (hi, jumpielowsky !)...prosonixowitch (hi, ole, old capitalist ! why don't you just spend me a tape ?! hehehe)...fbi crew (hi, jeanolowsky ! i can speak russian now, too ! listen: hablamos espaniol ? vamos a la plaja ! no me gusta ! so ?!? what do you think ?! am i perfect,or what?)...level 99owitch (hi, have you seen the movie 'dirty drinking' ? it was a movie about 99ers which were drinking russian beer without dropping dead.honest !)...contexilowsky (yoho, krueppelinsky ..oops, i mean scrapolinsky... how are you, old capitalist ?! you'll get your 200dm very soon... i think... or maybe not... maybe i should buy a cp-player... whaddyathink ?)...druidsolinsky and devilsolowsky (yupphididu ! if you know what i mean !?!)...zahnlosbiss and warriors of schleim (hi, baal ! what's baal ? don't you mean ball or maybe pal ? that's dogfood... and so are you ! hi, oli... how are you ? green ? how up do highknee !)...commandowitsch frontierlowsky (hi, mad all ! hi, wixer eehh... i mean hitcher... hope to meet you someday in moscow-town. that's a part of aachen, just like china-town a part of new york, you know ?!)...transcommunistic (yo ! cccp is nice, but our magazine is better... it's called cssr ! i'll send you an issue, soon...)...fairlight (pah ! you hate communists and i hate you ! i'll show you my tounge if we should ever meet ! baaaeeh !) ok... (sorry, i don't know how to spell okay in russian...) anyway... okayowitsch, that's all for this wochenschau ! let's presss space together, so we can all play this lovely 'hangman'. watch out for our megatrained version of monopoly ! and our onefiled crack of 'allemeine entchen'. soon coming from genesis: 'du mich auch' (including a level-trainer) , 'du mich erst recht' (including a trainer-level) , 'return of the alle meine entchen' (witch koepfchen in das wasser-cheat and schwaenzchen in die hoeh' trainer) !!! of course all crackert andcrunchert, packert and linkert by genesisowitch projectilowsky and fireeaglelinsky !
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