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intro #023711Crack intro #0186 / 100 SIDMp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
21 August, 2017
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-the real ghostbusters- from -activison- cracked, trained and repaired by mr. lee... press the arrow to the top during the game for level cheat... thisis a 101 percent version, cause if you played through all 10 levels and start a new quest the game always load the end piccy and not the first level... i have fixed this little bug !!! the hunted ghosts are: boys without brains (send soon the tapes !!!!), dominators, x-ray, elite (if walter loves nic, i must love you, norman !!!), usa from the states (hope you like this version, pulsar, light, cosmos, fairlight, oneway, byterapers, bros, unic, dcs, beyond force, fbi, druids, crazy, ikari... use the cop-shocker from digital marketing, guy !!! end...
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