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"Exclusive No. 3"
75 / 100 SIDMp360+144
Original released
3 January 2017
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
29 May, 2022
Scrolltext #1
hi, exon is back with a shiny prod and wants to send kind regards to: xenon, wow, wrath designs, vulture, vision, viruz, vibrants, trsi, tropyx, triad, toondichters, tnd, tinnitus, the dreams, style, sidrip alliance, smash designs, singular, shape, scs+trc, samar, resource, react, protovision, prosonix, plush, panda design, padua, oxyron, onslaught, offence, nostalgia, noice, no name, nandesign, nah kolor, multistyle labs, maniacs of noise, mdg, mayday!, mahoney, lepsi de, laxity, kryo, k2, hvsc, horizon, hokuto force, hoaxers, hitmen, hack n'trade, genesis project, glance, fossil, foe, focus,finnish gold, fairlight, f4cg, extend,excess, elysium, dream, dmagic, dinasours, delysid, dekadence, crest, creators, covert bitops, cosine, chorus, censor design, camelot, byterapers, breeze, booze design, bonzai, black sun, beyond force, avatar, atlantis, artstate, artline designs, arsenic, arise, albion crew, agony design, afrika, afl, active, abyss connection and all we missed... habib/jammer/bedrich at icc'2016
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