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62 / 100
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74 / 100
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51 / 100
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intro #225S451Crack Intro #0272 / 100 SIDMp3

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
31 May, 2018
It seems like you're using a device featuring a screen refresh rate > 60 Hz. This is an old intro that might run too fast on your display. I'm working on it, but fixing ~ 300 old intros takes some time. Please apologize for that.
Scrolltext #1
galleon of science 451 presents: hat trick! cracked (?) by esi, cleaned and crunched by galleon 22/1... this intro by me too. i just hate these megalong uncrunched games, so on this one i decided to improve it... the original hat trick was over 300 blocks! special greetings to: xades sociecty, front and razor express... normal ones to: orion, jewels, 2000 a.d, galaxy, beavers, strike force, tg 1541, the lightforce, radwar, mechanix, zetrex, new life, dexion, the austrian union, software technics and ffs (urk!)
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