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58 / 100
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040S451Crack intro #01

85 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
10 September, 2017
Scrolltext #1
joy-port 2 for scroll-speed! hello again! here's rygar with a new awesome game! imported by me... ok some greetings are coming up... firstsome special ones to: elric of agile and tbf from sphinx: thanks for all the codes guys! and to abnormal: for helping u s in the fight against the lamest creep on earth (guess who) also a special thanks must go to fancy/s451 for the virus-checker!! we have a new member in science 451... so we are now: glerc h.ospirit bilbo fancy odin rygar(that's me yes!) and gator(our new member, he's a music composer!) just stay tuned and you'll soon hear his capabilities on the future composer! ok greetings goes out to all our friends like for example: bb twg riffs anm prism npn zenith pe 1 legend drive scouts mcg xades dom fig orion ikari cosmos rawhead xakk tau cfr tcom sf(hey i hope you answer me guys!) and all kids who send me discs which i ofcourse keep for myself! hah hey anyone interested in videotrading? yea contact me then dudes! goodbye ? click +++
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