Dr. Firlefanz

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62 / 100
As Artist
62 / 100

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573LazerCrack Intro #06

80 / 100 SIDMp360+163
Original released
May 1989
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
19 December, 2021
Scrolltext #1
kick ass in '89 hello guys !! welcome to our cooperation crack between: atomic of lazer & phantom of hell !!! this time we present you: scrollo on 21.03.1989 !! lazy lazer's to: abnormal, xenon, b, eyond-force, lackmail, heyens, ontex, osmos, razy, cs, om, rive, ruids, lite, xact, rantic, p+fe, tl, kari, ight, ato, fc, oise, pn, nline, neway, pal, aramount, ulsar, avage, harks, ristar, ot, enobits and all other contacts of lazer !!! now kick space and wait for a surprise....
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