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intro #482ManowarIntro #0184 / 100 SIDMp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
06 December, 2020
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the time is now !! we cannot be stopped !! we are riding up , riding hard on the will of the people !! the battle rages !! choose your side !! forever hail to manowar !! to get in touch with us look at 3d00
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full moon's light is calling us !! our kingdom lies within !! the mystic soul and lion's heart , brought by the talisman !! the ecstasy of battle takes us , where the falcons fly !! immortal youth was granted us !! we will never die !!!! ryeah here we are again with our new intro !! how do ya like it we think it's so fucking cool !!! all coding done by dsc ... later on are some messages but first the...... greetings .. here they come !! greetings to these cool dudes : scg bros fac orion scouts fairlight nato cosmos sphinx axenon sub zero legend wizards abnormal veda team nfc gash ddl wwe dsu finnish gold beyond force whoop exa dega gravity coast line flash critters trb gp ecc byterapers cosine tsr tfi maniacs u2 and last but certainly not least 'vision' ...... now some messages to some contacts and friends : transx-scg i have met a lot of cool dudes but you beat them all , looking forward to meet you at venlo and your conference !!! ewin-bros send soon ewin , cool dude !! shock and tsm and hph-vision good luck with your new group , sorry for greeting you last !! jumpie-nfc where was the high rank in your demos never the less your quite cool !! megasnail-nato i am looking forward to swap with you , cccooool dude !!! no more messages now... to get in touch with us look in memory 3d00 .... oke laid her !!
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