Overall rating
62 / 100
As Artist
62 / 100

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399AlphaflightCrack Intro #10

"Fighter Intro"
80 / 100 SIDMp360+5920
Original released
29 November 2013
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
13 January, 2020
Scrolltext #1
...alpha flight 1970!...supports you with: kong strikes back + 5 mhpic...cracked from tape, loading - picture and highscore - saver installed, as well as + 5 - trained by the mothafuckin ' gothicman!... quite a nice game, indeed...whatever!greetings go out to(in no ranked order at all): trsi, hokuto force, delysid, laxity, radwar, movers, oxyron, genesis project, x - rated, onslaught, hitmen, rpl, triad, fairlight, f4cg + atl, mayday, nostalgia, booze design, arsenic, avatar, covenant, the whole c64 - elite staff, granddaddy coding seniors, excess, flood, code7, dinasours, antarctica and all the other mutated residents of the 8 bit - universe that i might have forgotten...some personal gothic - blessings to irata(sorry for not finishing your part in time), flash, duke, xenox, link, mch!, axis / cascade and finally troublemaker(sic!)... - repaeating scroll -
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