Rodger Andrew

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52 / 100
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52 / 100

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Red Sector(1)

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11 October, 2020
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as all of you had known,we had split up.but now we are back and better than ever. special hello to the rest of tlc and mean pie. regular greetings to 1001,acc,alliance,bwb,cfr,danish gold,dcs,esi,fac,fairlight,fbr,fcs,group a,headbanger,hqc,hotline,kent team,nepa,new bencor,newlook,new purebyte,nipa,raw deal,sca,scc,tcs,triad,trianon,usi,yeti,and anyone else we might of forgot. the members of red sector(64) are red alert,mr. zero page,kangol kid,merlin,irata. on amiga are bill best and dr. chip to contact us call 305/228 9167.
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