Balazs Farkas

Overall rating
64 / 100
As Musician
64 / 100
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555X-RatedCrack Intro #08

83 / 100 SIDMp360+226
Original released
November 1992
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
22 December, 2021
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Scrolltext #1
.. deep in night the dreams are so horny... but no time to dream left, coz of cracking such a lot... yeah, l'trimm of x-rated strikes back to give you 'world rubgy' from zeppelin games which was as fast as possible cracked by trainers as such games simply don't need any trainers! so better f**k off... it's 2 o'clock in the moment, and i still have to crack two other games! shit in 7 hours i've school again. but 7 hours are simply enough for two other originals... a very big thanks must go to my old and cool pal 'ollie/pride' for making such a cool x-rated intro! thank you my friend... and i've to thank x-raffi/x-rated for the nice original! well, i'm not in the mood to write some greetz here... yeah, in two days is the lovely week-end again, then it's pardey time. so i can search for a nice pussy which i may can f**k ! notice that sandy left me, and i don't have a girlfriend yet, so i better must search for one...hope i'll find one as fast as possible as i miss the wet pussy's... so this should be all my friends... see you all in the other kicking x-rated releases and remember to give us a vote for our quality releases... bye ... l'trimm of x-rated is dreaming away...
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