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intro #428SharksCrack Intro #0485 / 100 SIDMp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
06 April, 2020
Scrolltext #1
greetings to: actual trading generation, antimon, babygang, beyond force, blackmail, bonzai, breakers, browbeat+motion, byterapers inc., century, class, cosmos designs, crazy+lotus, crest, cross, crusade, cryptic tales, di-art, dominators, dynamix, f4cg, fairlight, finnish gold, fresh, full force, genesis project, genetic, giants, hitmen, hoaxers, holocaust, hurricane, ikari+talent, ikon visual, illusion+a touch of class, killers, legend, light, manowar, megastyle inc., nato, origo dreamline, paramount, poltergeist, powers of pain, prestige, reaction, sabian, science 451, shape, tera, the cfa, the force, the ruling company, transcom, triad, triangle 3532, tristar, triumwyrat, warriors of time, warriors of wasteland, yankees...
Scrolltext #2
yo! stop what you're doing and watch this little offer! ... draconus from zeppelin games was de-freezed (zzap! megatape #15) and +5 trained by deadbeat of the sharks ... this game surely is damn old (3 years),but some new guys in the scene could have some use for it,eh? note to trainer: if you press 1 for starting flames amount,you get 10 flames...if 2 then 20... got it? good,then i can wrap this text and start to crunch this down... bye ...
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